Keher: Henry was right to go for the point

Updated: September 11, 2012

Kilkenny legend Eddie Keher has said Henry Shefflin took the correct decision in Sunday’s All-Ireland hurling final to point his penalty.

Shefflin had the opportunity late in the game to go for goal with the penalty after a Galway foul but the Ballyhale Shamrocks player went for the point to put Kilkenny one ahead.

Whilst the decision has split many followers of the game up and down the country Cats legend Keher says it was the right decision at the time for Shefflin and Kilkenny.

“It’s a very personal thing, taking a penalty. You’re on your own really and you’ve got to decide what to do.

“If you feel good enough, you’ll do it because you have to see nothing only the back of the net. Henry had a magnificent game, obviously, a ferocious work rate.

“It was near the end of the game and I’d say he was probably drained at that stage and maybe felt that he wouldn’t have the strength to be sure of getting the goal.

“And if it had been saved, it would have been nearly like a goal to Galway. So, I’d say on that particular incident Henry made the right decision to take a point because that put us a point ahead.”

Shefflin went for the point instead of the three and unfortunately for Kilkenny it was not enough as Galway’s Joe Canning pointed a very late free to take the game to a replay.

The All-Ireland hurling final replay, the first of its kind in 53 years, will take place at the end of the month on the 30th September.

The game will see Kilkenny and Galway face off in the Championship this year for the third time after Galway’s Leinster final win and last week’s drawn showpiece.

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