Sebastian Vettel set for Victory in Korea

Updated: October 11, 2012

Apparently Romain Grosjean took personal delivery of a half-dozen charabancs of champagne and a lorry load of lap-dancers Sunday evening. They were a gift from Pastor Maldonado.

The Venezuelan driver, Maldonado, was reportedly euphoric that his Lotus driving counterpart was absorbing all that was once rightfully his: negative headlines.

Don’t be too concerned for the errant Romain Grosjean however. He is French and a brief history of French culture shows its people have a fascinating habit of befriending their enemies and alienating their allies. In short he’ll soon be friends again with everyone.

The Red Bull’s are quick in Korea, underlined by Sebastian Vettel winning last year’s race by 12 seconds with his teammate, Mark Webber, finishing as close as third. In 2010 Vettel took pole here but succumb to engine failure when leading on lap 46.

As witnessed in Japan last weekend the double-DRS fuelled Red Bull once again looks like the awesome all-conquering force it was last season. And, with Sebastian Vettlel finishing ahead of Mark Weber 15 times last year, beating his teammate by an average of 20 seconds a race in the process, there is only one conceivable winner.

So the only thing that does not look like the formality it should be is Webber finishing second. His Japanese post-race outburst – in reference to Romain Grosjean’s collision – where he was playing Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham rolled into one, struck me as a man under severe pressure. With him scoring an average of three points per-race since Silverstone, who could blame him. Avoid Mark Webber like the plague.

Race incidents apart there is no denying Romain Grosjean has out-qualified his teammate, Kimi Raikkonen, by a score of 9-6 this season. He is 50 percent more likely to finish ahead of the Finn in qualifying than behind. Can someone therefore explain how he is the same price as his garage-mate to do best in qualification here in Korea?

Another amazing stat: Nine out of this season’s 15 races have been won by the pole-setter. That makes that scenario an odds-on shot. However, the outcome is generally available 11/10! Incidentally Sebastian Vettel is 5/4 to start the race on pole.

Finally on boring old statistics: Ten different drivers representing seven different teams have claimed a fastest lap so far this season. Therein Sebastian Vettel’s achievement of securing four fastest lap accolades is quite remarkable.

Seb’s the man.

This week’s selections:

Vettel to win the race 140 points. 7/4 General
Dual Forecast (1st & 2nd in either order): Vettel & Alonso 40 points. 9/1 Lad’s
Grosjean to out-qualify Raikkonen. 90 points. 5/6 Bwin
Lotus vs Sauber (best classified car): Sauber 100 points. 11/10 Bwin
Qualifying winning margin: over 0.25sec 80 points. 15/8

This week’s investment: 450 points
Current profit/loss: +1,472.50 points

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