Sundays GAA: Live score commentary updates

Updated: September 30, 2012
Sunday GAA Live score updates1

Sundays GAA: Live score commentary updates from Dublin v Tipperary and Galway v Kilkenny


All-Ireland SHC final replay
Galway 3-11 v 3-22 Kilkenny, Croke Park, 3.30pm F/T
All-Ireland MHC final replay
Tipperary 2-18 1-11 Dublin FT
Live score commentary
5.00pm FULL TIME and KILKENNY are the 2012 All Ireland Champions. They were the better team on the day and they were full value for their win. The sending off of Cyril Donnellan proved crucial to Galways hopes but goals from Richie Power, Walter Walsh on his debut and Colin Fennelly helped Kilkenny to a 11 point win.
5.00pm Canning hits his second from play but thats the final action of the game
4.59pm We’re into added time and Canning gets his first point from play, his 8th of the day
4.57pm Shefflin has hit another easy point over, his ninth of the day
4.56pm Shefflin responds with a point for Kilkenny
4.55pm Glynn gets the SIXTH GOAL of the final with a cracker of a shot
4.53pm Canning reduces the arrears somewhat with a pointed free
4.50pm GOAL!! Fennelly who is only just on the pitch gets another Kilkenny goal.
4.47pm Walsh goes off to an ovation with Colin Fennelly coming on.
4.46pm Walter Walsh, what a debut, scores the GOAL that puts this game to bed.
4.44pm O’Regan and Hogan exchange points.
4.41pm Shefflin with an easy free
4.39pm Walter Walsh hits his third of the day to put the Cats 7 points ahead
4.38pm M Fennelly hits his first of the day for Kilkenny, they are in control now.
4.36pm RED Cyril Donnellan has been sent off and a minute later Richie Power hits a lovely point
4.34pm Buckley hits a point to rub salt into Galway wounds
4.34pm LETS OFF Canning hits the post with a low shot, that would have been a goal
4.33pm Canning with a lovely point from a touch line ball – down to three now.
4.31pm Canning hits over the free, its back to four points.
4.30pm The Ball is in the NET but its called back for a free, Galway are incensed.
4.27pm Shefflin with a 65 to put Kilkenny 5 points ahead.
4.24pm Power and Smith exchange scores. Galway’s first point from play.
4.23pm Second half underway – Skehill off for Galway and Flannery is on now
4.10pm Canning hits a 65, the first of the day, to keep Galway in it.
4.09pm Regan off for Glynn, Galway make their second substitution.
4.07pm Tannion hits a wide for Galway, bar the two goals they’ve been poor
4.06pm Fennelly booked for throwing his hurling at Coen.
4.02pm Canning with a free for Galway’s first score in 10 minutes. Joe Cooney on for Niall Donohue
4.01pm Richie Hogan with another lovely point. Scoring at will at the moment.
4.00pm Shefflin with his fifth point of the day, a great score. Kilkenny 5 ahead now
3.59pm Walsh with his second point of the day, lovely pass to set him free
3.57pm Kilkenny with a free in now, Niall Donoghue booked. Shefflin knocks it over.
3.56pm Richie Power with a fine score from distance.
3.55pm Larkin with a point from play to put Kilkenny back in front.
3.54pm Skehill was booked there
3.52pm Unbelievable scenes, another GOAL!! this time for Kilkenny Richie Power the man to with the response.
3.48pm GOAL!! Two goals in the space of a minute for David Burke
3.45pm GOAL!! David Burke scores for Galway and TJ Reid hits a score straight from puck out
3.43pm Canning reduces the deficit but Shefflin hits back with his first point from play.
3.41pm Walter Walsh with his first Championship point puts Kilkenny 2 points ahead
3.39pm Shefflin knocks over his second free of the afternoon
3.38pm Cyril Donnellan hits a Galway wide. Kilkenny win another free.
3.37pm Shefflin responds with a free for Kilkenny
3.35pm Canning hits the first score of the day with a 65 yard free.
3.34pm Frantic start to the game, both sides very committed
3.32pm First free in scoring position goes to Kilkenny – it goes wide.
3.31pm Correction from earlier as Skehill does start. He has painkillers in his shoulders
3.29pm Galway v Kilkenny the replay is underway
2.57pm Just over 30 minutes to throw in the senior game and the big news is the absence of Galway keeper James Skehill, Fergal Flannery starts in the Galway goal in his place.
2.31pm Tipp with a convincing win
2.27pm McGrath with another for point to cap off his day
2.22pm OisinO’Rourke scores a goal for Dublin between Winters scoring two frees for the Dubs
2.15pm The sides trade points again
2.13pm Gallagher again – he’s been superb
2.11pm Big news from the seniors – James Skehill won’t even make te bench due to that shoulder injury which had him in hospital on Friday. Fergal Flannery starts in goal for Galway
2.09pm Paul winters points a free for Dublin but Gallagher immediately restores Tipp’s lead
2.05pm Back out for the second half and the sides trade points through John McGrath and Cormac Costello
1:43pm John McGrath hits over his 7th point of the first half.
1:41pm McCarthy nice over a nice point, Dublin a goal before half time.
1:38pm Cahil puts Tipperary seven points up.
1:32pm Paul Winters hits over a nice free for Dublin.
1:31pm Maher hits a nice point, Tipperary now lead by seven points.
1:30pm Taigh Gallagher gets the second Tipperary GOAL.
1:28pm Two nice points from Dublin, they now trail by three.
1:26pm John McGrath hits another free, Tipp now lead by five.
1:25pm Stunning GOAL by Mark McCarthy for Tipperary.
1:23pm John McGrath hits his third free and third point, they now lead 0-03 0-02.
1:10pm Throw in for the minor match is only 15minutes away.
1:00pm Dublin minors:
C Mac Gabhann; E Lowndes, C O’Callaghan, S Barrett; E O’Donnell, R Murphy, S McClelland; C Costello, C Cronin; C McHugh, C Boland, D Gormley; C Conway, O O’Rorke, P Winters.
12:30pm There are rumours suggesting that Joe Cannning is not 100% fit, lets hope Galway fans its just Anthony Cunningham trying a few mind games.

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