Top 30 GAA related Twitter accounts to follow

Updated: August 27, 2012
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Top 30 GAA related Twitter accounts to follow

For those of you, like me, that found the transition from Bebo to Facebook traumatic, you should give Twitter a go.  On the outside it is quite daunting but inside its tough exterior is an entertainment and information pool ready to be explored.  So if you dont have an account I took the long walk around the deep cave of twitterdom over the weekend and was surprised with what I came across.  Anybody who is anybody is a member of Twitter and it is a great way of learning more about those you hold in high esteem as well as gaining knowledge about every topic under the sun.  In GAA Terms, I came across some interesting characters from players to supporters and the journalists who cover the weekly progress of both team and individuals.

Not all accounts are verified so we have pointed out the ones we have doubts about.

TOP GAA Players Twitter Accounts:-

Alan Brogan@alanbrogan13

2011′s Footballer of the Year has 13,399 followers on the media network.  Although not a regular tweeter, he was able to give Eamonn Fennell some healthy eating advice when he recently visited Wagamama.

Lar Corbett @larcorbett

While 10,991 followers tuned in eagerly this week for a tweet from the main man himself, last week’s exploits seem to have quietened him as the main tweet was a photo of Matthew Macklin and Shane McGrath, taken in Lar’s pub.

Aaron Kernan @AaronKernan

Regular tweeter Kernan seems to know his stuff and his views are not just limited to GAA.  Last club team to beat Crossmaglen in Club Championship was Pearse Ogs, Armagh on the 1st April, 2009.

Joe Canning @JoeyCan88

One of the most talented hurlers in the country has also been bitten by the Twitterbug.  Both Joe and Cyril Donnellan were delighted to get the turf in before their win in Croker

Paul Galvin @pgal10

This talented footballer will have more tweeting time after bowing out to Donegal.  The self confessed fashionista is well able to see the funny side of the jibes by admitting his liking of leather trousers.

Donal Og Cusack @DonalOgC

This goalkeeper is one of the most followed men in Twitter with 10,603 followers.  His rankings have gone through the roof due to his recent speech at Foyle.

Eoin Cadogan @cads3

Has been quiet for the past week or so, understandable with big build up to Donegal game.  Nice to get an insight into the life of a successful sportsman.

Michael Murphy @murphm95

This young talented man seems to be very popular with over 9,000 followers.  Similarly to Eoin Cadogan, his tweets have been few and far between recently.  Nice to see the acknowledgement of Katie Taylor’s recent exploits.

Darran O’Sullivan @Darransull86

Another very popular player, the Kerryman is a serial tweeter.  Good to see what the Kerry players get up to when their year ends.

Colm Parkinson @Woolberto

The Laois man spends a lot of time on his twitter account and is definitely worth a few laughs.  Very informative in relation to game play and statistics and can be accredited for outing the fake Twitter Marty Morrissey.

Top Journalists Twitter Accounts:

Tony Leen @tonyleen

The Irish Examiner’s Sports Editor and Deputy Editor is a regular tweeter on all things sporting.  If you have any qualms about the contents of the sports pages of The Examiner, give him a tweet just like a recent handball fan.

SportsNewsIRELAND @SNIsportsnews

We cover every minor, U21 & senior GAA match with minute by minute commentary and will cover the club championship once it gets into county final stages. You will also get all the latest team news and main sports news.

Fintan O’Toole @fotoole13

This cruciate victim as he refers to himself really interacts with his followers.  He also gives up to date tweets during games so it’s easy to keep track of what’s taking place on the pitch.

Coilin Duffy @coilinduffy

While this GAA journalist doesn’t have as many followers as his counterparts, he has an impressive array of tweets.  Also, he doesn’t forget about the little fish and posts results from club games around the country

Rory Houston @roryhouston

A relatively new tweeter, he shed some light on the huge scoring divide between the Donegal and Cork Ladies game recently.  Apparently, the Donegal side was limited due to  a number of their players attending a wedding.

Evanne Ni Chuillin @EvanneNiC

The Kilkenny Lady is a sports nut able to mix motherhood with her love of sports, especially GAA.  On her way to Bray for Katie’s home coming, she wanted to know if it was possible to get a pram on a bus

Ewan Mac Kenna @EwanMacKenna

The Sports Journalist of the Year nominee has written two GAA autobiographies to date and is not afraid to put his neck on the line when giving his GAA predictions.  He recently tweeted that if Cork beat Donegal, they will win the All Ireland.

Ballsdotie @ballsdotie

Covers all sports but seems to be mainly  a soccer discussion account.  However, in saying this, its worth a mention alone for a tweet on the 23rd August displaying a picture of a new board game designed by Kilkenny fans for Tipperary Children – check it out.

Des Cahill @sportsdes

This man is a must, with 19,508 followers his account always promises to entertain.  Great account to find interesting links.  His account isn’t just limited to all things sporty.  He was trying to get a tip on The Rose of Tralee recently.

Jacqui Hurley @jacquihurley

RTE sports journalist Jacqui has a diverse knowledge of all sports and has recently had an entertaining conversation with Irish Boxing Captain Darren O’Neill.

Michael Lyster @RTE_Michael

A legend in irish sporting television terms seems to be a recent addition to the twitter family.  He boasts Emmet Bolton as a follower and recently questioned Emmet on how he got so many followers.  Watch this space, Michael could become a twittaddict, needless to say this account will keep us informed of all GAA action but we are not sure if its the real Michael Lyster behind it.

An Fear Rua @AnFearRuaGAA

For everything GAA give this wise man a call.  He may even help out if your in need of a physio.

Top GAA Supporters twitter accounts:-

Talking Balls @TalkingBallsGAA

Self confessed well informed ignorance GAA Style.  This Tyrone based tweeter wasn’t happy with Pat Spillane recently and didn’t believe Spillane when he told the Irish News Sport that he wasn’t anti-Ulster.

Kilkenny GAA Supporter @Kilkenny_GAA

If your a Kilkenny fan, this is the place to be.  Gives links to all Kilkenny related sports articles.  Doesn’t tend to give own views but worth a following if your not interested in going out and buying the newspapers.

GAA Scores @GAAscores

Great way of keeping up to date on all the current games.  Never short on notifications and has a following of 5,045 so must be doing something right.  One of the best tweets is a picture of Shay Given holding a Donegal flag in support of his county’s battle against Cork.

Cork Ladies Football @peilnamna

Administered by the County Secretary, this account keeps fans up to date with blow by blow accounts from games.  Good to see the support messages for the ladies football teams, who more often than not are overshadowed by their male counterparts.

Wicklow GAA @wicklowgaa

A relatively large following of 2,299 followers.  This account displays results from Wickow club games across all divisions.  Great way for Wicklow GAA fans outside the country to keep informed of the goings on down Wicklow way.  Boasts Kilkenny’s Tommy Walsh as one of their followers. We are not allowed to follow him for some reason so could not add him to the list.

GAA Rules Advice @Gaarulesadvice

An interesting account that encourages debates in relation to ongoing GAA debacles.  Seems to be a relatively new account with only 718 followers but I can see this account finding it easy to accrue fans.  It proves that clubs and county boards experience similar problems countrywide.

Marty Morrissey @Marty_Morrissey

Although not the real mccoy, this is definitely worth a mention.  Crude and completely politically incorrect however, the man seems to have infiltrated most accounts at this stage and has a staggering 38,872 followers.  Enter at your own risk and remember you have been warned.  Has been known to tweet on GAA topics!

DubMatchTracker @DubMatchTracker

Started out as a few fans tweeting updates but now seems to have become the official Dublin twitter account, well worth a follow if you want to keep up with scores from all divisions of Dublin club GAA

Worth a special mention

Go Ireland @go_Ireland

The administrator of this account has their priorities in order.  With zero under the following section and only 791 followers this is a no nonsense account.  With a record breaking 76,452 tweets this is a very handy account linking to live streaming of games.  Also provides links to GAA news around the country.  This is not just a sports account however, but is worth a trawl through if you have time on your hands.

Darragh Maloney @DarraghMaloney

One of the most recognisable faces on irish sporting tv boasts 6,496 followers.  He regularly retweets Out in Front podcasts, which are worth a listen.

Ger Loughnane @Ger_Loughnane

Another Parody account this time about the The One and Only Ger Loughnane, Clare Hurling Hero! 2 time allstar award winner, allround Headcase. Supposedly known for his striking good looks

Copper Face Jacks @copperfacejacks

Dont think there is any need to say much about this account, only everyone above has been in the Bermuda Triangle thats is Coppers.

Conor Mortimer @conmort

Mayo’s record scorer is always on twitter, even though he may be tweeting about soccer while the gaa is on.

Eamon Fennell @eamonfennell

Dublin footballer has a big following and if you are fan of the boys in blue he is worth a follow.


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