Wexford win Gala Camogie final – Sunday 12th Spetember

Updated: September 12, 2010

Galway 1-10 1-12 Wexford – Sunday (Throw in 4pm)

Match Tracker
60min (G) Aisling Connelly – Goal
57min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
54min (G) Veronica Curtan – Point
51min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
50min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
48min (G) Emma Kilkelly – Point
46min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
40min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
37min (W) Katrina Parrock – Point
36min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
35min (G) Missed penalty
33min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
30+3min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
30min (W) Katrina Parrock – Goal
28min (G) Orla Killkenny – Point
26min (W) Kate Kelly – Point
25min (G) Jessica Gill – Point
24min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
20min (W) Michelle O’Leary – Point
21min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
19min (W) Ursula Jacob – Point
17min (W) Katrina Parrock – Point
16min (W) Kate Kelly – Point
14min (G) Aisling Connelly – Point
6min (W) Una Lacey – Point
0min Jessica Gill starts at Full Forward for Galway

Team News
1 Susan Earner
2 Sandra Tannian
3 Sarah Dervan
4 Niamh Kilkenny
5 Regina Glynn
6 Ann-Marie Hayes
7 Therese Manton
8 Emma Kilkelly
9 Orla Kilkenny
10 Caroline Murray
11 Therese Maher (captain)
12 Brenda Hanney
13 Tara Rutledge
14 Veronica Curtin
15 Aislinn Connolly

1 Mags D’Arcy,
2 Claire O’Connor
3 Catherine O’Loughlin
5 Noeleen Lambert
6 Mary Leacy
7 Aoife O’Connor
8 Caroline Murphy
9 Deirdre Codd
10 Kate Kelly
11 Una Leacy (captain)
12 Michelle O’Leary
13 Katrina Parrock
14 Ursula Jacob
15 Josie Dwyer

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