Where will Harry Redknapp manage next?

Updated: October 11, 2012

31st of August this year was different. Transfer Deadline Day was slightly off. Sure there was Jim White whipping himself into hysteria in the Sky Sports News studio. The missing link – the wheeler dealer extrordinaire, Harry Redknapp. It isn’t deadline day without Harry poking his jowelly head out of some luxury saloon for a quick word with Sky Sports News, denying signings about double digit numbers of players, while behind the scenes attempting to sign all the players he was questioned over, some of whom he hadn’t heard of before leaving the training ground on the 31st of August.

It is moments like this, that lead the footballing world to pine for the return of Redknapp and examining the odds on his likely managerial destinations throws up some interesting propositions for the East-End lad made good. QPR, unsurprisingly sit atop of the betting, offering a measly 2/1 on Harry blowing millions more on players he’s never heard of. After Mark Hughes extravagant splurges, QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes clearly feels the need to continue to plough money into the club at a supersonic rate.

One of Redknapp’s former clubs, Bournemouth also appear high on the list but Redknapp appears to have ruled himself out of this position. It is worth bearing in mind however that Redknapp has ruled himself out of buying countless players only to be parading them in front of assorted media within a matter of days. Still the price on him being Bournemouth’s next manager appear unappealing at 9/2.

Southampton also feature highly on the betting but now that they appeared to have turned around their dismal start to the season, Harry may be forced to hide in the bushes outside St.Mary’s a while longer as odds of 4/1 appear short. Redknapp also may be put off given that most of the Saints’ budget has already been blown on Gaston Ramirez.

Blackburn and England both remain 16/1 shots. How Harry is seen as likely to get the England job as the Blackburn one is baffling. Sure, both are organisations run by chickens. Actual ones in Blackburn’s case and metaphorical ones at the F.A. The same ones who banned John Terry for a paltry four games. given that the England job was only given away a matter of months ago, surely means that Redknapp is more likely to take the reigns at Ewood barring some catastrophic run of results for England.

Having seen how well Roy Hodgson handled the pressure of a high profile job would appear to make this a long shot. Or not.

Either way it doesn’t really matter where Harry goes. Football is crying out for the man who resembles Huckleberry Hound like no other.

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